June 23, 2016

LIP 043: “That’s Inappropriate” with Merideth Masony

Being a mom can be one of the toughest jobs in the whole entire world.  It also can be one of the most rewarding jobs.  Sometimes, we just need to let off some steam.  On this episode, Meredith Masony of "That's Inappropriate" has a unique and funny way of talking about the issues that mom's face.  "She says it, so you don't have to." Meredith is known for her bluntness and calling it like it is.  She will inspire you, and let you know that it's okay to not have it all together.  Her passion and humor will resonate with many who are looking for just a moment of silence in their loud and crazy world.  If you are ready to stop living by the unwritten rule of "That's inappropriate", then this episode is for you.  Be prepared to laugh and start sharing Meredith's videos.  You won't be disappointed.  What you say is what you become.  


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